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The Yeatman Foundation, established in 2000 is an international charity which, through education and mentoring,  helps children and young adults maximise their opportunities and life chances. The Foundation is primarily focussed on projects in the UK, British Commonwealth and US.



Some of the work our grants helped to fund in 2015:


Providing nutrition for children in South Sudan

By the time the UNICEF team arrived in Pagak, South Sudan nine-month-old Jock Chabang was badly malnourished and suffering from severe dehydration.


Jock, like many thousands of other children in South Sudan, was profoundly affected by the conflict that broke out in Juba in December 2013 and which rapidly spread to neighbouring states. By March 2014, some 800,000 people were internally displaced, with 100,000 sheltered in UN bases.


Even prior to the crisis, the nutritional status of children under the age of five was extremely poor and the conflict further exacerbated the situation.

UNICEF launched its Rapid Response Mechanism to provide a massive nutrition programme through both direct implementation and with partners. The programme helped more than 127,000 children under five.

Jock was examined by a UNICEF nutritionist and was quickly rehydrated and provided with food. Jock’s mother was thrilled by the boy’s rapid improvement. “I am so grateful,” she said. “Now I know he will live. This is a new beginning for him.”




Restless Development
Sexual health education in Uganda

Fauza Namukose, 21, lives in Mayuge District in Eastern Uganda, which has one of the highest incidences of gender-based violence in the country. This contributes to the HIV prevalence of 7 per cent of the population.


The remoteness of Fauza’s location limits her and other women’s access to essential health services and information. With limited education or status and responsibility for a small baby, Fauza became involved with Restless Development’s HIV Prevention Programme through a youth group.


The charity supports disadvantaged youth and their communities to understand the dangers of HIV and improve their sexual and reproductive health.


Fauza says: “My son Ali and I fell very ill for a long time. My husband concluded that we were both HIV positive. He believed I had acquired the disease before we married. This made him indifferent towards us and he denied us access to medical care.


“I was completely helpless, I did not know what to do or who to turn to for help until a friend advised me to consult the Restless Development volunteers. The volunteers were understanding and they advised me to seek medical care immediately and provided me with a referral form to the nearest health centre.


“After a few tests I was happy to learn that Ali and I are both HIV negative. Two weeks later both of us were feeling much better.


“I have not felt this healthy and strong in a long time and Ali is also doing well. I will continue to engage with Restless Development, as I am sure I still have a lot to learn about sexual and reproductive health.”


Save the children

Boosting literacy in Malawi

Fatsileni is a 10-year-old girl who dreams of becoming a journalist one day. It is all that she has ever wanted to be since she learnt how to read and write.


When she is not playing netball, cleaning dishes or helping her family sell fried fish at the market, Fatsileni can be found reading a book or teaching her friends how to read and write.


A big challenge in primary schools in Malawi is that a lot of children do not know how to read and write. Save the Children helps teachers and community leaders by training them on different, fun, innovative ways of teaching children in schools and also in camps.


Fatsileni spends a lot of time at a Save the Children program called the Buddy System, which is where friends help each other how to become better at reading and writing.


“Before Save the Children came around, there was hardly anything to read,” said Fatsileni. Today, she cannot picture a world that does not involve reading. She takes every opportunity to do it.


Doctors Without Borders

 (Medecins Sans Frontieres)

Thousands of migrants and refugees have drowned during the perilous crossing from the Libyan coast across the Mediterranean to reach Europe in the past year.


MSF carried out a six-day training course to teach 116 Tunisian fishermen, who often encounter migrant boats in distress, to rescue people onto their fishing boats. They have been taught how to communicate with those onboard as well as how to contact the Maritime Rescue Coordination Center in Italy to call for additional support. They have also been provided with and trained on security and rescue equipment such as protective material and clothing and life vests.


Yanes Bechiryanes, a mechanic onboard a Zarzis fishing boat, said: “On one occasion we found a small boat full of people, which was already sinking. We could not leave them in such a situation and called for assistance from two other fishing boats we work with.


“We rescued and distributed the people among the three boats. They were very scared and we had to calm them. We are losing hours of work and, therefore, money, but they are human beings and we have an obligation to help them.”


Photo:Albert Masias/MSF

Brian Yeatman

Brian Yeatman was born in Buckinghamshire in England. After service in the Royal Air Force he travelled extensively and built a

career in market research, pioneering behaviour-based marketing techniques.


In the early 80’s Brian co-founded, in the United States, Catalina Marketing Corporation—a company designed to provide a more

efficient and effective way of communicating with consumers and organisations around the world.


In 1992, the company was listed on the New York Stock Exchange and is now the global leader in behaviour-based marketing services.


Salvation Army

Amongst other activities, the Salvation Army helps children and young adults.

Children’s Hospital Oakland

The hospital provides paediatric care for children, a strong education and teaching program, state of the art research programs and facilities, as well as providing Protective Services for Children.

The charity’s mission is to help children living in dire poverty worldwide.

Other charities we work with

Northern Light School

The school’s charter is to provide a high-quality learning environment that takes into consideration the emotional, physical, spiritual as well as the academic needs of underprivileged minority children who would not otherwise have the opportunity for such an education.

Children International

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